Growth of the Indian plastics industry

The Indian Plastic Industry and Competing Globally

The Indian plastic industry has diversified and grown rapidly since its inception in 1957. The plastic industry has grown to become one of the leading sectors in the Indian economy, consisting of over 30,000 firms and employing over 4 million people. India is also one of the top most exporters of plastic products. The industry manufactures export a variety of raw materials, laminates, electronic accessories, medical ware, consumer goods etc. These products are exported to over 150 countries like Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Germany, UK etc.

Growth of the Indian Plastics Industry

The plastic industry caters to several industries like automobiles, consumer packaging, electronics etc. Over the past few years the demand and usage of plastics in several industries has increased tremendously. The Indian plastic industry has grown by 13% annually in the last five years and a similar growth rate is expected to continue in 2016-17. The size of the industry is expected to reach Rs. 1.7 lakh crore from Rs. 1.02 lakh crore by the end of 2015.

Availability of skilled man power, government subsidies and an attractive market has attracted large MNCs to set up their production facilities in India which has created a competitive environment for several local small and medium enterprises. To maintain market share in the industry these enterprises need to focus on marketing their products well. One of the best ways to gain exposure is by attending trade exhibitions.

Role of Plastic Trade Exhibitions

From getting visibility to attracting new clients, plastic exhibitions in India can benefit greatly if done right. Still not convinced? Take a look at these lucrative benefits of marketing your business in a plastic trade fair:

  • Brand Image: In B2B industries trust, quality and reputation play an important role. Exhibitions are a great way to show your target audience that you are committed to providing them with the best services and products. Also by using attention-grabbing banners and display you can make it easier for customers to notice and recall your brand.
  • Target Audience: Trade exhibitions usually cater to a niche segment in the industry. By participating in relevant trade exhibitions of your industry you will have access to a large pool of clients interested in your products.
  • Sales Leads: Exhibitions are a great way to increase your customer data base, make contacts and get new clients. You have a large pool of clients who are interested in your products and are looking for a great deal.
  • Helps Gain Audience Feedback: Trades shows help you check out competition and give you a general idea about where your industry is heading and what kind of products are your customers looking for.
  • Opportunity for Direct Selling: Trade shows give sales staff quality time to interact with customers on a face-to-face basis, explain or demonstrate the functioning of the product and close a sales call.

Trade shows can be used to market any new product, for expanding your business contacts and building relations with your customers but it will only be fruitful if you have the right sales team, defined goals and objectives and if it is the right trade exhibition for your business.


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